The best jeans I’ve ever worn.


Theres two things that up until maybe a year ago I detested shopping for, one was bras (thats a whole blog post in itself) and the second one was jeans. Oh good ol jeans. Now for those of you who don’t know, I am a whopping 5’2 and a half. That half is important to me, please let me have that. And I’ve been cursed blessed with thick thighs. I carry most of my weight on the lower half of my body. My hips, butt, and thighs are all ample, to put it kindly. The trifecta. *insert eye roll here*  If a jean doesn’t have an adequate amount of stretch forget about getting them over my thighs. I use to put off shopping for jeans until mine were almost falling apart at the seams. I had lost hope that jeans would ever fit me perfectly, I’m talking about that cool gap your jeans do at the waist that every curvy girl has experienced and cried about, until one day I had my very own Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants moment. I have a friend who’s a true size 6 (I’m a size 9/10 for reference) and one day while we were at her house she couldn’t stop raving about a pair of jeans she had purchased earlier that week and how comfortable and stretchy they were. She forced me to try on her size 6 jeans and I almost passed out when I was able to put the zipper up. Of course they weren’t ideal, seeing as how they were 3 sizes too small, but they fit my bottom and my thighs weren’t suffocated and I wasn’t experiencing any weird bulging. So the very next day I headed to the mall to try on these bad boys in my correct size. I imagine what I felt in the dressing room is equivalent to what women feel when they’re being courted. I felt giddy, kinda flushed, and quite frankly HAPPY AF! So after that, I decided maybe I had given jeans a bad rap. So I went on my own little adventure to find jeans that could give me everything I needed. So far here’s what I’ve found.

  1.  The real MVP, the OG, my personal favorite, my everyday jean. AE Jegging

With so many different rises and styles this is one is really your best option for an everyday jean. I love that they have different inseams to accommodate everywhere from the short girl (Hi, thats me!) to the tall gals with legs for days. They have amazing stretch, think pajama jeans! I’m kidding, please ignore me. Hahaha. But they maintain their shape and they won’t be falling off of you after hours of wear. No one likes having to pick their pants up every 10 minutes and we’ve all been there. You won’t have that problem with these jeans. I don’t experience any weird gapping and my legs are comfortable enough for a full 8 hour work day in them. Not to mention they’re mostly always BOGO 50% off, and I mean who doesn’t love a deal? Sign up for AE rewards to really get the most bang for your buck.

Sizing: Runs fairly true to size. I’ve had to either size up or down in other AE jeans but the jeggings I can always pick up in my true size without a worry.


2. Express

Now, these I only gave a shot after Jr forced me into the dressing room with them. And I must admit, he was right. I love them. Again, they carry various inseams from XS-XT to make sure everyone gets their correct inseam. They always have the cutest and trendiest styles and again their reward program is also superb. I know a lot of people shy away from these because of the price point, but if you take advantage of their deals and sales you’ll really end up not paying much. Just yesterday, I picked up two pairs of mid rise jeans (Haul coming later) during their BOGO sale and still got 40$ off from a reward I had from my birthday. Their High Waisted Jeans are my favorite out, because they flatter my body perfectly. They sit at the smallest part of my body and they don’t budge when I move, bend or stand. They always have tons of styles and washes to choose from.

Sizing: Now this one is tricky, I recommend always trying on since the sizing varies vastly between cuts. In their high waisted I wear an 8 if its the supreme stretch and a 10 if its regular stretch. In their vintage jeans I can go anywhere from a 10 to a 14, again because they have little to no stretch. I do experience gapping when I have to size up to a 14.


3. Kan Kan 

These I fell in love with after a paid a visit to my local Buckle store in Palm Desert. Their Store Manager Britt, please make an appointment or walk in to see her, if you’re a local or happen to be in town. SHES AMAZING! I was a little hesitant at first but my life has been forever changed since I discovered this brand and I have become a believer. They are the only jean that I can wear a low rise style in and not look like and feel like a real life cupcake. While I do prefer a mid or high rise in my jeans there’s certain days and outfits when you just need a good low rise or regular rise jean. They’re made with 98% COTTON 2% SPANDEX and honestly I’ve never loved a low rise jean like I do this one. They do carry mid rise and high rise all of which are equally as amazing.

Sizing: Size down. These do run a little more roomy in the hips and thighs. If you’re going for a regular, mid or high rise I would definitely recommend sizing down. If you’re trying out the low rise just pick up your true size. I always pick up a 30 in the low/regular size and a 29 in the higher rises.


4. Blank NYC

These are my newest obsession. I never reach for designer shorts because 9/10 they won’t fit my frame properly. These however are the exception to that rule. For someone who’s got some junk in the trunk, finding shorts is hard. My problem is I have to fit my butt and thighs which means sizing up, but then the waist is gaping in the back. I found that BLANK NYC has the best shorts for my body type. They run true to size and wash well. They’re built well enough for curvy and thin girls alike. Their jeans are amazing as well and I’ve become quickly enamored with their styles and cuts. These are really my go to as of late on days where I want to look put together but still be majorly comfortable.

Sizing: These run true to size and I definitely vote them for best shorts.

1 2 3

Honorable Mentions:
Madewell : These were recommended by a friend and I was like, huh? Never heard of them. Well I picked up a pair at Nordstrom and I’ve been in love with them. Size down if you’re in between sizes. I love the 9 inch and 10 inch rise of their jeans. They suck you in and make you look slimmer in my opinion. Also my current denim jacket is from there and I AM OBSESSED, GIRL!

Torrid: I know that these won’t work for everyone but if you’re one of my readers who’s a size 10 or bigger than this is the place for you. They have tons of jeans and styles but the only pair I gravitate towards is their girlfriend jeans. They have that stiff vintage denim look (their actually super stretchy and comfy however) and I can pick them up in a 10 and they’ll have that relaxed vibe that I’m really into right now. They’re boyfriend jeans are also great, and I never thought I’d be able to wear bf jeans with my build, but they’re AMAZING! These are definitely sized larger, I would recommend going down 2 sizes if you can. Im a true size 10 and to be honest their smallest size is often way too big for me. I enjoy the relaxed look however and they feel amazing. I feel like I’m walking around in sweats with all the accolades of a good pair of denim.

Stay tuned for the next few posts on how to find your perfect fit and how to care for your jeans to make them last even longer. Let me know what your favorite jeans are! Have a question about denim? Let me know below!

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